psychotherapist in london

Pete Kerridge is a qualified and accredited London counsellor and therapist offering psychotherapy and counselling in London. Counselling is most often the therapeutic approach that is used to address the more pressing or immediate kinds of problems and usually takes place over a number of weeks. Psychotherapy is a more in depth approach that is used to address a person’s more deep seated and chronic difficulties and usually takes place over a longer period of time.

When working with clients with mental health conditions Pete Kerridge is able to make referrals to psychiatrists as appropriate. Once the client has been referred, he can work collaboratively with the client’s psychiatrist to ensure the best possible care.

A psychiatrist’s role is different from that of a therapist. He is a qualified medical doctor that has completed additional training in the identification, treatment and prevention of mental illness. Categories of mental illness include: Developmental and personality disorders, mood disorders such as depression and manic depression (bi-polar), eating disorders, anxiety disorders and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.

London counselling and London psychotherapy appointments take place in Pete Kerridge’s Harley Street counselling and Harley Street psychotherapy consulting rooms in Central London.