Stress Therapy and Stress Management

The experiences of stress and tension are natural responses to having demands made upon us. Stress is not always negative or unhelpful, in fact we need a certain amount of stress in order to feel motivated and energised in our daily tasks and to get things done. Most people who go for counselling with stress related problems do so because they have too much. 

When stress levels are too high the effects on our experience can be wide ranging, from mild to extremely serious. People with excessive levels of stress may report symptoms that include:  

It is generally helpful to become more familiar with what is a healthy amount of stress and what is too much or too little. If a person can learn to identify what their triggers are for excessive levels of stress and how it manifests itself in their mind and body, they may be able to avoid or change the nature of the trigger and quickly become aware of when they are over-stressed, so that they can take steps to reduce it. Stress reducing activities can include: breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, meditation, alternative therapies such as reflexology or aromatherapy massage, enjoyable pastimes and enjoying yourself with friends.